The development of the Healing the Wounds of Slavery programme requires a wide range of involvement and support from governments, NGOs, philanthropic foundations, businesses, educational institutions, communities and individuals. The integration of the programme within the relevant communities is crucial for the flourishing of global human societies as a whole.

Following the Conclusions and Recommendations of the International Symposium on Healing the Wounds of Slavery: Towards Mutual Recovery, we invite leaders at all levels, organisations and individuals to get in touch with us and get involved in our programmes through one of many meaningful ways:

We will continue to organise and host events, large and small, in the communities affected by the legacies of slave trade and trans-Atlantic slavery, including conferences, forums and meetings. Please return to this website to look out for the next event.

Partnership & Collaboration
We welcome all forms of partnership and collaboration to help implement a recommended programmes in identified focus areas, such as Listening and Narrative Healing, Trust in the Communities, and Institutional Transformation.

Sponsorship & Donation
We believe that our programmes will provide such inspiring ideas that will invite generous donation and sponsorship to help the communities raise vital funds for healing the wounds of slavery, mutual recovery and healing.

Volunteering & Internship
Generous and enthusiastic collaborators can help our programme make a huge impact in the world. There are hands-on, skills-oriented and capacity-building opportunities through our volunteer and internship programme. Get in touch now.